Species: Green-cheeked Conure - Pyrrhura molinae molinae.
Nicknames: Pip, Pippy, Captain Pip, Thunderbird 2.
Named after: The Hobbit from Lord of the Rings.
Gender: Male?
Age: Hatched Feb. 21, 2004.
Tricks: Lay on back. Roll over. Says 'I love you', 'Hello', 'Heya, big boy', 'Hey, Pippin', 'What ya doing?', 'Good boy', 'Step up', 'Need to go', 'Ah-see' (His old version of 'Please'), and 'Pla-eese' (His new version of 'Please'). Not all words are said clearly. Sometimes goes poop on command (Usually over a trash can). Presently trying to teach him to say 'Thank you' when he gets the treat he asked for, and 'What's your name?' which I ask after he says 'Hey, Pippin'.
Characteristics: Outgoing. Loves to nibble things. Can get loud if not paid attention to. Got jealous when I had the ThunderBIRDS, so for a while he was not as nice as he use to be. He is now nice to me and my sister. Ruby is not fond of him. Occasionally he may bite me if other people are around. Feather plucked in 2006 I'm guessing due to me being sick for two weeks before heading back to volunteer at the zoo (Weekly). Loves cranberry juice. One way I can get him to be quiet sometimes is by squeezing my Wild Republic Audubon male American Kestrel. He seems to know that it is the call of a bird of prey, so he shuts up to prevent the 'dangerous' bird from finding him so easily. He also likes to sing along with the Stargate theme even though the only notes he really knows are the first four to the Thunderbirds theme.