Nicknames: Shell, Sell.
Named after: Didn't name.
Gender: Female.
Color: Yellow, lacewing. Darker than most yellows.
Age: Died at the age of 7 years old from a stroke.
Tricks: Dead bird.
Characteristics: Friendly towards humans. Loved Watto. Laid several eggs. None hatched.

Nicknames: Char, Char Char.
Named after: Didn't name.
Gender: Female.
Color: Green.
Age: Died at the age of 8-9 years old from a tumor (May 2004).
Tricks: Through the legs.
Characteristics: Friendly towards humans. Got along well with Chase. Did not like Watto. Never laid eggs. All time favorite Budgie.

Nicknames: Wad, Daddy, Padme.
Named after: Star Wars character from Episode 1.
Gender: Male.
Color: Sky-blue, full-body greywing. Lighter than Jean.
Age: Hatched in 1999. Died at the age of 8 years old after giving his life to save his family from hunger (September 29, 2006).
Tricks: Through the legs, lay on back.
Characteristics: Outgoing. Budgie womanizer. Not very fond of humans. Loves yellow Budgies. Loved Shelly and now Sellina. Grumpy when woken at night. Bred with Sellina and produced many offspring. Excellent father. He gave his life by feeding his family after I had absentmindedly forgotten to fill their food bowls.

Nicknames: Wint.
Named after: Star Wars character from the books.
Gender: Female.
Color: Sky-blue, dominant pied.
Age: Hatched in 1999. Died at the age of 6 years old a few months after injuring her foot (December 18, 2005).
Tricks: Standing on one leg.
Characteristics: Shy. Can be loud if she wants to. Gentle. Scaredy bird. Survived being caught by Boggs (Cat), came out unhurt. She also survived her cage being knocked onto the floor when Stanley broke through the screen door to the sunroom.

Nicknames: Chasy Boy.
Named after: To go with Charly.
Gender: Male.
Color: Olive.
Age: Died at the age of 5 years old from cancer. 2002.
Tricks: None.
Characteristics: Partly blind. Rarely missed the wall when flying. Runt. Vulnerable.

Nicknames: Mommy, Sell-ina (I sometimes catch myself using a nickname I used with Shelly).
Named after: In remembrance of Shelly.
Gender: Female.
Color: Lutino.
Age: Hatched in 2001. Died at the age of 6 years old from having poor health after Watto died (October 10, 2007).
Tricks: None at this time.
Characteristics: Outgoing. Loved Watto. Needs tamed a bit more. Missing a toe nail (Birth defect?). Laid first egg on June 28, 2005. Had one brood in 2005 with four babies after laying five eggs. Two broods in 2006. Brood 2 had five eggs and three hatched. Brood 3 had eight (More than my books said as the max) and four hatched. Great mother. Since Watto died she has been going after he sons in search of a new mate. She has had some trouble laying some eggs, so I tried to keep an eye on her until she finally passed away.

Nicknames: B1E1, #1, Jeff.
Named after: A Dalmatian I once knew.
Gender: Male.

Color: Mauve, recessive pied. Black tip on tail.
Age: Egg laid: June 28, 2005. Hatched: July 18, 2005. First flight: August 17, 2005. Died January 1, 2009.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: The eldest of Watto and Sellina's first brood. Hatched the same day as Kelly. Into adulthood he has kept his big black eyes and his baby pink cere. Jeff acts like a big brother and takes care of the other boys. He and Borovan had become especially close and were like two peas in a pod. But Jeff's caring nature had become his undoing when he followed his father and died of starvation. I and my family had gone away for Christmas vacation and left the pets in the hands of one of my brother's friends. I guess I made a few mistakes in the instructions on how to care for the birds. He did not give the Budgies enough food, and when I got home the rest of the boys were starving. Jeff is the fifth bird I've cared for that has died of starvation. Thus death by starvation is what scares me the most when it comes to my birds.

Nicknames: B1E2, #2, Spartan, Kel.
Named after: Spartan 087 from the Halo books.
Gender: Female.
Color: Green, full-body greywing. Darker than Fred.
Age: Egg laid: June 30, 2005. Hatched: July 18, 2005. First flight: August 17, 2005. Died December 19, 2010.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Second eldest of Watto and Sellina's first brood. Hatched the same day as Jefferson. She is just like a Spartan. She is a great flier, one time I saw her act like a Pelican Drop Ship from Halo (Fly to the cage, land, keep flapping, and take off), be one of the hardest to catch, and she can pack a bite. She is almost always the last one to be caught when I let them get out of their cage. She has laid a few eggs, but never paid much attention to them. Though while she was in the egg laying mood her Spartan attitude was subdued. Once she stopped laying, she was back to her old self.

Nicknames: B1E3, #3, Gar.
Named after: Was so hard to name. Final name comes from mixing two of the possible names together: Gandalf (Gandalf the Grey. LOTR) and Barry (Barry Gray. Thunderbirds composer). Gary is also the name of the fast talking computer from Red Vs. Blue and the name of a Pokemon trainer: Gary Oak.
Gender: Male.
Color: Mauve, full-body greywing.
Age: Egg laid: July 2, 2005. Hatched: July 20, 2005.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Third hatched from Watto and Sellina's first brood. He was the first to change from his baby cere to the cere of an adult male. He also appears to be a little larger than the others. Acting like a male, but tends to be a pushover if one of the other males are going for the same female he is. He doesn't give up. Tried to mate with his brood sister, Caboose, once.

Nicknames: B1E4, #4, Lady Caboose, Michelle J. Caboose.
Named after: A Red Vs. Blue character (Blue armour): Michael J. Caboose.
Gender: Female.
Color: Cobalt, violet, opaline.
Age: Egg laid: July 4, 2005. Hatched: July 21, 2005. Died: March 27, 2011 at around 1:50 pm EST.
Tricks: Step up.
Characteristics: Youngest of Watto and Sellina's first brood. Hatched a day early. Easiest to catch of the babies. Usually gentle. Tricked me with her gender at first. When young her tail looked like a male's, but her cere looked like a female's. Neither way is foolproof, so I waited. Turns out the vet guessed right and I didn't. The first true sign that I could tell her true gender was when her cere started to show more of the brownish coloring and starting to become crusty. After the one time she had tried to mate with her brood brother, Gary, Caboose has laid eggs. Unlike Sellina's really round eggs, Caboose's eggs are long and pointed. She had become an egg layer like her mom was, but she does take better care of herself and eats more often than Sellina did. At one point during winter 2008/2009 she did get a prolapsed cloaca like Sellina kept on getting, but it also bothered me that instead of sitting on her new egg Caboose had instead snuggled under the papertowels on the bottom of her cage because she was cold. I then brought her inside and set her cage next to Pippin's. My bedroom door does stay open, but only Ruby goes in my room and she ignores the birds. Since moving Caboose into my room she had never laid another egg. In late January of 2011 she began showing signs of respiratory problems. I wanted to take her to the vet, but I just didn't have the money. I could just watch as her health decreased. She died in my hands two months later. I will miss her as she was my favorite after Charly.

Nicknames: B2E3, #5, Fred, Spartan.
Named after: Spartan 104 from the Halo books.
Gender: Male.
Color: Green, full-body greywing. Lighter than Kelly.
Age: Egg laid: April 29, 2006. Hatched: May 21, 2006.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Beautiful singer. Very male-like. Goes for many of the females, but generally goes for Kelly. At one point he picked on Sprite so that he could have a chance at babying Angel. It didn't work as Angel refused him and then I moved Sprite and Angel into their own cage to prevent further fights breaking out. Though keeping Fred with the other three boys did not prevent him from displaying aggressive behavior toward Jean and Borovan, so then I had him trade places with Sprite and Angel. After a while I felt sorry for leaving Fred alone in the little cage, so I paired him up with the only male that he was not aggressive with: Gary. Neither seem to be the type that likes to be babied, but by putting them together I think Fred's aggressiveness toward the others is gone. Which is good considering that I had to make them trade places again with Sprite and Angel.

Nicknames: B2E4, #6, 6.
Named after: Adam AKA Borovan AKA #6, the creator of Neopets.
Gender: N/A.
Color: Mauve, recessive pied. No black tip on tail.
Age: Egg laid: May 2, 2006. Hatched: May 24, 2006 at 1:16 am.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Borovan was being so secretive about its gender. For months I only called him #6 or just 6. It wasn't until November 27, 2006 that I finally determined that he was truly a male. He gave his gender away when he started following Caboose. He and Jeff had become especially close. Jean has taken Jeff's place and is caring for Borovan. Since Borovan likes to be babied so much he has become my biggest Budgie as not only was he fed by Jeff and later Jean, but he would also feed himself.

Nicknames: B2E5, #7.
Named after: My favorite pop.
Gender: Male.
Color: Green, recessive pied.
Age: Egg laid: May 4, 2006. Hatched: May 25, 2006.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Runt of brood 2. One time while the boys were flying around Sprite wasn't watching where he was going and hit the window right in front of Stanley, one of our cats. Stanley only had to reach out an inch from were he was laying to grab hold of Sprite with his paw. Sprite ended up with a claw wound under his right wing. He is now safe and healed. He is also very unlikely to actually bite. One time I tried to get him to bite my finger with no success. Sprite and Angel get along well. Sprite helps Angel eat since the latter has a problem with his beak overgrowing.

Nicknames: B3E1, #8.
Named after: Pants and Jean Gray of the X-men.
Gender: Male.
Color: Sky-blue, full-body greywing. Bolder colors than Watto.
Age: Egg laid: June 24, 2006. Hatched: July 13, 2006 at 9:19 am.
Tricks: Lay on back.
Characteristics: Despite being the oldest of brood 2 he was one of the last to learn how to fly. Most of that time he tried to spend hiding. He was okay as long as he couldn't see anything. For a while he was acting like Sellina's new mate, but separating the males and the females stopped that. After Jeff died, Jean took his place in caring for Borovan.

Nicknames: B3E2, #9.
Named after: Rogue nine from the X-wing books and Rogue from the X-men.
Gender: Female.
Color: Sky-blue, violet, recessive pied. Alternating white and blackish primary feathers.
Age: Egg laid: June 26, 2006. Hatched: July 14, 2006.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Adventurous. Likes to come out sometimes during feeding time.

Nicknames: B3E4, #10, Stormy.
Named after: Strom from the X-men and Stormy, Misty Of Chincoteague's foal.
Gender: Female.
Color: Mauve, opaline, full-body greywing.
Age: Egg laid: June 30, 2006. Hatched: July 17, 2006.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Seems to like Gary alot. She also likes to chew the newspaper at the bottom of the cage. Shy and rarely ventures out after her sisters during feeding time. Is most likely to bite me the hardest of all of my Budgies. Had paired up with Kelly to the point of where the two actually tried to mate with Kelly being on top. So far I have seen no definite eggs from her, but I do know that either she or Rogue has laid at least one egg.

Nicknames: B3E5, #11.
Named after: A Budgie I once knew and my favorite X-men.
Gender: Male.
Color: . Sky-blue, recessive pied.
Age: Egg laid: July 2, 2006. Hatched: July 19, 2006.
Tricks: N/A.
Characteristics: Angel really liked Sellina. He shooed the other males away if they get too close to her. And he has proven himself in fights. At one point he had an eye problem, but it healed on its own in a few days. Now he has a problem with his beak overgrowing, so now it requires trimming every once in a while. The others require no beak trimming. He and Sprite get along very well. In 2010 Angel displayed some trouble pooping, so I decided to bring him and Sprite in with Pippin and Caboose (Who has since died). Especially since the weather was starting to get colder. His vent problem seems to have cleared up on its own, and I haven't heard him poop with pain since.

I am not an expert on Budgerigar color mutations, so I may be a little off on some. I'm thinking that all of Watto and Sellina's kids may have at least one violet factor, but I can't be certain of my own observations. I'm also unsure if Storm is really mauve or grey, but her feathers do feature some blue spots which make me think she is mauve. I also heard a vet refer to Charly as being cinnamon, but I do not remember her having any brown colorings. Only more blue around her vent.