Violet Turaco

Violet Turaco
Violet Turaco photo

Common Name: Violet Turaco
Scientific Name: Musophaga violacea
Exhibit: Aviary
Medium: Colored Pencil
Date finished: December 13, 2008
Observation: This drawing is one of my most detailed to date, and it took me the longest. I started drawing this the a couple weeks after the Jambu Fruit Dove. That was finished back in July. So this drawing picture took me about five months. But I only drew it for two days out of each month, so in all it took my about thirty-five hours to complete. I also decided to show you the actual photo that I copied freehand. Note that most of the time the picture was just shown on the small screen on my camera. Most of the time when you see a Violet Turaco, you will not see as much blue as featured in my picture. The blue coloration came out due to my camera's flash, but that just made the bird all the more beautiful. When I first thought about drawing a Turaco I was wanting to draw one in flight in order to see their red wings which are generally hidden while the bird is not in flight. Right now I'm glad that I decided to draw this picture instead of waiting.