Society Finch

Nan the Society Finch

Common Name: Society Finch, Bengalese Finch
Scientific Name: Lonchura striata domestica
Exhibit: Butterfly Garden
Medium: Pencil
Date finished: August 12, 2005
Observation: This little brown Society Finch was that last that remained of a group of Society Finches that were rescued from an over crowded cage in a store. When they arrived they did not know how to fly, and so I was told that several of them ended up getting stepped on. I never saw any of the others since I didn't even go to the zoo until shortly before volunteering. I named him Nan because I was told that when the Swallow Tanagers had babies he would be like a nanny to them. He likes to follow the Tanagers around, but occationally he goes off on his own too. Of the three he is the one that likes taking baths in the fountain the most. It wasn't too easy to draw him since he prefered the branches further in the tree next to where I like to sit. Do to the difficulty I had observing him closely, I decided to draw him as I saw him: With a thick branch in the way. His call sorta reminds me of a cricket.