Mexican Bluewing

The underwing of the Mexican Bluewing

Common Name: Mexican Bluewing
Scientific Name: Myscelia ethusa
Exhibit: Butterfly Garden
Medium: Colored Pencil
Date finished: May 5, 2007
Observation: This is the Mexican Bluewing that I mentioned up with the Blue Wave picture. Though this time I drew the brown underwing instead of the blue upperwing. While drawing this picture I got a better understanding of how complex even a small butterfly's patterns could be. I also learned the difference between the underwings of Mexican Bluewings and Blue Waves. The Bluewings have a dark stripe and alot more detail on the underwing than the Blue Waves do. Blue Waves do have some detail, but most of their underwing is pretty much a single color or gradient. Even butterflies of the same species are different. Some of the Bluewings had lighter underwings than the one I had started drawing. I also found out that I really had to find a way to save the butterflies I start drawing because three hours is not enough time to finish a butterfly. Even simple ones tend to take longer than three hours. Since no one is allowed to take the dead butterflies home and since I didn't have any air tight container to store the certain butterfly in at the zoo, I had to wait several weeks (And I switch between the Butterfly Garden and the aviary every other week) before I was able to find another simular Bluewing. I was happy when I finally found the needed butterfly, and I now have a container for the future butterflies that I draw.