Male Swallow Tanager

Tanteal the Swallow Tanager

Common Name: Swallow Tanager
Scientific Name: Tersina viridis
Exhibit: Butterfly Garden
Medium: Pencil
Date finished: July 22, 2005
Observation: The male Swallow Tanager is the most beautiful of the three birds in the Butterfly Garden. He is also the one who is easiest to photograph when he sits in a certain tree because he usually picks a branch not that is not covered by foliage as much as the others. I just couldn't just think of him as 'the male Swallow Tanager', so I sorta gave him a name: Tanteal. Though I never refer to him with that name when talking to others in the Butterfly Garden. I got the name from the Tanager part of his species and the color of his feathers. He is actually a beautiful sapphire color, but if one uses the flash while taking a picture of him his blue feathers become more of a green color. I sometimes like to chirp back when he starts chirping.