Glasswing butterfly

Common Name: Glasswing
Scientific Name: Greta oto
Exhibit: Butterfly Garden
Medium: Colored Pencil
Date finished: May 15, 2010
Observation: This butterfly is probably the hardest to spot in the Butterfly Garden. Not only is it smaller than most in the garden, it is also transparent. Most of the time I only see them after they emerge from their chrysalises and are waiting to be let into the rest of the garden. It was lucky that one of the staff found a dead one before the ants got to it, and saved it for me. This butterfly game me a little challenge in drawing it, but I think I captured the transparency pretty well. While I was drawing this one, I decided to take pictures to compare the two side by side, and also show how much I progressed from week to week. It took me three months (Six days in the garden, and drawing for about three to three and a half hours each time. So about twenty hour) to complete it. Shows that even a simple butterfly can take a long time.

Glasswing progress over six Saturdays