Female Giant Hummingbird


Common Name: Giant-Hummingbird
Scientific Name: Patagona gigas
Exhibit: Butterfly Garden
Medium: Colored Pencil
Date finished: August 16, 2008
Observation: I know I already drew the Giant Hummingbird before, but this time I drew the female. And to make it different I drew her in flight. Just getting the picture was hard to do. For one they rarely stay hovering in one spot long enough for me to bring my camera up and take the shot. Also my camera is not the best. I first have to focus it which doesn't always work as wanted, and it takes a second or two to actually take the picture. I finally got a good picture of her during one of the few times she came down to feed from her favorite feeder. Compared to the picture I did of the male, you would think that they do look quite different, but I think the reason may just be the lighting in which the birds were in. The male was in direct sunlight on a beautiful day. The female on the other hand was in a shaded area, and I had used the flash.